Safety LineWall Guard

Resin wall guard. To prevent from damaging by stretchers and carriages.

Installation Location

  • Corridor
  • Inner Wall

Main Features

Unify the Color of Handrail and Corner Guard.

The wall guard often installed at corridor, there be installed handrails and corner guards too. Can make space in unity by choosing the same color from abundant colors.

Anti-Bacterial Effect

Anti-bacterial agent mixed in, it remains permanently sanitary.


Safety Line NS

  • Slim Shape with 8mm of Thickness
  • NS-150V、NS-200V

    Plane Color

  • NS-150M、NS-200M

    Wooden Color

Safety Line NW

  • Thicker than NS Series and Having Impact Absorption
  • NW-150V、NW-200V

    Plane Color

  • NW-150M、NW-200M

    Wooden Color

Safety Line Soft FW

  • Cover Is Made from Soft Resin and Has Softness
  • Curve Processing Available (Minimum : 300R)
  • FW-150V、FW-200V

    Plane Color

  • FW-150M、FW-200M

    Wooden Color

Color Variation

Plane Color

  • No.10 Plane White

  • No.02 Gray

  • No.11 Ivory White

  • No.12 Light Beige*

  • No.13 Beige

  • No.22 Light Brown*

  • No.23 Chocolate*

Wooden Color

  • No.74 Teak

  • No.73 Birch

  • No.71 Natural

  • No.70 Light Oak*

  • No.75 White Teak*

* is made-to-order color.



Safety Line NS, Safety Line NW

Cover/ Shock resistant hard resin (with anti-bacterial agent・anti-static processing) (wooden color mixed wood powder)
Retainer/ Shock resistant hard resin

Safety Line Soft FW

Cover/ Soft resin (with anti-bacterial agent・photocatalyst) (wooden color mixed wood powder)
Retainer/ Extruded Aluminum

Model No.・Size

Series Model No. Diameter of Handrail Standard Length
Width Thickness
Safety Line NS NS-150V・NS-150M W=200mm D=8mm 3,000mm
NS-200V・NS-200M W=200mm
Safety Line NW NW-150V・NW-150M W=150mm D=30.5mm 3,000mm
NW-200V・NW-200M W=200mm
Safety Line Soft FW FW-150V・FW-150M W=150mm D=10mm Cover/ 15m
Retainer/ 3,000mm
FW-200V・FW-200M W=200mm

*V means plane color, M means wooden color