Bracketless continuous handrail that does not create a gap between the wall and the handrail

Installation Location

  • Corridor


Walkle Line WL-01

The easy-to-grip continuous handrail with a characteristic curve. There is no bracket and the entire handrail touches the wall. It can be installed later in the renovation work of a detached house (for studs with a 455 mm pitch).

  • Anti-Bacterial Effect

Color Variation

  • No.73 Birch

  • No.90 Oak

Gentle Line J-Type

The simple shape makes it easy to incorporate into the space and fits into any wall material. It can also be used as a wall protection material on a flat surface.

  • Made-to-Order

Color Variation

  • Ivory White

  • Brown



Walkle Line WL-01

Handrail/ Semihard resin dual-layer forming (with anti-bacterial agent)

End Cap, Corner Material, Rail Cover/ ABS Plastic

Gentle Line J-Type

Handrail/ Hard Resin

End Cap/ ABS Plastic

Model No.・Size

Series Model No. Size Standard Length
Walkle Line
WL-01 H96×D65mm 3,000mm
Gentle Line J-Type



  1. Decide the installation location.

  2. Search the poles and studs of wall backside by using sensors, etc.

    Fix directly on poles and studs, so can install without a base plate.

  3. Open a hole on main body with @455 pitch fit to the poles and studs, then fix directly with tapping screw.

  4. Install end cap.

  5. Insert rail and finish.