Safety CornerCorner Guard

To protect outer corner part of columns and walls from scratching and damaging by carriages.

Installation Location

  • Corridor
  • Inner wall

Main Features

Unify the Color of Hnadrail and Corner Guard

The corner guard often installed at corridors, there be installed handrails and wall guards too. Can make space in unity by choosing the same color from abundant colors.

Anti-Bacterial Effect

Anti-bacterial agent mixed in, it remains permanently sanitary.

*Safety Corner SFT is not mixed anti-bacterial agent


Safety Corner NS

  • Standard Type
  • NS-50V、NS-76V

    Plane Color

  • NS-50M、NS-76M

    Wooden Color

Safety Corner SFT

  • Soft Resin
  • Made-to-Order Color

(Only No.11 Ivory White, No.12 Light Beige, No.13 Beige, No.73 Birch, No.74 Teak)

  • SFT-55V

    Plane Color

  • SFT-55M

    Wooden Color

Safety Corner NT

  • Corresponds to 90° and 135° Corner
  • The Same Design with Wall Parting Material Safety Molding NT
  • NT1-50V、NT2-50V

    Plane Color

  • NT1-50M、NT2-50M

    Wooden Color

Safety Corner NKS

  • The Angle Is Chaneable According to the Site
  • For 70°〜110° and 110°〜150° Corner
  • NKS-50VA、NKS-50VB

    Plane Color

  • NKS-50MA、NKS-50MB

    Wooden Color

Safety Corner CI

  • Softly Protect with Round Shape
  • Made-to-Order Product (Standard Lot Is 300m)
  • CI-36V

    Plane Color

Color Variation

Plane Color

  • No.10 Plane White

    Only NS・NT・NKS

  • No.02 Gray

    Only NS・NT・NKS・CI

  • No.11 Ivory White

  • No.12 Light Beige*

  • No.13 Beige

  • No.22 Light Brown*

    Only NS・NT・NKS・CI

  • No.23 Chocolate*

    Only NS・NT・NKS・CI

Wooden Color

  • No.74 Teak

  • No.73 Birch

  • No.71 Natural

    Only NS・NT・NKS

  • No.70 Light Oak*

    Only NS・NT

  • No.90 Oak

    Only NS-50M

  • No.75 White Teak*

    Only NS・NT

* is made-to-order color.
*Safety Corner SFT and CI-36V are made-to-order product.



Safety Corner NS

Cover/ Shock resistant hard resin (with anti-bacterial agent・anti-static processing) (Wooden color mixed wood powder.)
Retainer/ Shock resistant hard resin

Safety Corner SFT

Cover/ Soft resin
Retainer/ Extruded Aluminum

Safety Corner NT、Safety Corner NKS、Safety Corner CI

Cover/ Hard Resin (with anti-bacterial agent)
Retainer/ Extruded Aluminum

Model No.・Size

Series Model No. Diameter of Handrail Standard Length
Width Thickness
Safety Corner NS NS-50V・NS-50M W=50mm D=7mm 2,500mm
NS-76V・NS-76M W=76mm D=10mm
Safety Corner SFT SFT-55V・SFT-55M W=55mm D=10mm 2,500mm
Safety Corner NT NT1-50V・NT1-50M

(For 90° Corner)

W=50mm D=4.9mm 2,500mm

(For 135° Corner)

Safety Corner NKS NKS-50VA・NKS-50MA

(For 70°~110° Corner)

W=50mm D=10mm 2,500mm

(For 110°~150° Corner)

Safety Corner CI CI-36V W=33.8mm 2,500mm

*V means plane color, M means wooden color