Hi-Step for Outdoor UseStair Nosing

Stair Nosing for outdoor. Using weather resistance resin.

Installation Location

  • Stairway
  • Exterior

Main Features

  • Stair Nosing for Outdoor
  • Using Weather Resistance Vinyl Tyre


Hi-Step ART G

  • S-37DG/S-42DG


  • S-37KDG/S-42KDG



  • SH-35MG/SH-40MG


Hi-Step Lumi-Support

  • S-50HCKS


  • S-50HCKD


  • S-50HCKL


  • S-50HCKF


Color Variation

  • No.03 Dark Gray

  • No.04 Soft Black

  • No.23 Chocolate


Abrasion Resisting Performance

Excellent Abrasion Resistance

Method/ JIS-K-7205 “Grinding Experiments on Plastic Material”
Device/ Olsen-Type Abrasion Testing Machine
Content/ Measure the Total Abrasion Amount of 1,000Times, 2,000Times and 3,000Times Turning
Result/ Normal

Only Hi-Step ART G and Hi-Step Lumi-Support

Repetitive Fatigue Performance

2 Million Times without Exceptional Change

Method/ Internal Fatigue Test
Device/ Fatigue Testing Machine
Content/ 2 Million Times (Weight: 980N/ Time: 40 Times/ Minute)
Result/ Normal

Slip Resistance Performance

Excellent Slip Resistance

Method/ JIS-A-1407 “Antiskid Experimental Method Pendulum Type Impact Machine”
Device/ Pendulum Type Impact Machine
Content/ Measure the Resistance Amount
Result/ 252N・cm (3.2Times Non-Slip Performance of P Tile)
Comparative Value: P tile 78.5N・cm (Our Company Testing Value)

*Only Hi-Step ART G and Hi-Step Lumi-Support

Dimensional Stability

Cancellation Elongation and Contraction

Method/ Dimensional Stability Test
Device/ Heating Experiment Machine
Content/ Determination of Heating 6 Hours [80℃±1℃] after Shrinkage [0.5mm] Result/ 0~0.6%

Weathering Performance

Exposed Outdoor for 300 Hours without Exceptional Change

Method/ JIS-A-1415 “Exposed Testing Method of Plastic Building Material”
Device/ Sunshine Weather Meter
Content/ 300 Hours of Sunlight
Result/ Normal



Metal Base/ Stainless Steel: SUS304 Hairline finish
Vinyl Tyre/ Extruded ABS plastic with aluminum sheet (ART G and Lumi-Support attached with double-side tape)
Luminous Band (only Lumi-Support)/ Semihard vinyl + Glass nonwoven fabric (with double-side tape)

Model No.

Model No. Tyre Pattern For Outdoor
Hi-Step ART G Dot S-37DG
Hi-Step SHARP G Stripe SH-35MG
Hi-Step Lumi-Support Stripe S-50HCKS
Dot S-50HCKD
Lattice S-50HCKL
Flat S-50HCKF

*Hi-Step ART G has 2 types of width 37mm and 42mm.
*Hi-Step SHARP G has 2 types of width 35mm and 40mm.


Fixing parts

Floor Backing Board Material Screw Construction place Adhesive Agent
Concrete/ Mortar Finishing P Anchor (Steel) Indoor Modified Silicon Resin Composition
P Anchor (SUS) Outdoor Modified Silicon Resin Composition
(or Urethane Silicon Resin Composition)
Steel (Steel Stairway) Tapping Screw (SUS) Indoor, Outdoor Modified Silicon Resin Composition

*Use screw and adhesive agent together. If only screw, may come off during use.
*At weathered places, as outdoor treatment even if there are roof.
*Floor backing board material is a typical example. For others, please contact with in charge of sales.