Guide Step SCS14Tactile Stud

Tactile indicator being rust resistance SCS14 (equivalent to SUS316). SCS14 is known as having corrosion resistance to seawater, etc. than SUS304. The solid stainless steel with excellent durability, can use at lots of traffic of outdoor such as public facilities, stations, office buildings, etc.

Installation Location

  • Entrance
  • Corridor
  • Exterior

Main Features

  • Tactile Indicator Being Rust Resistance SCS14
  • Solid Stainless Steel
  • Can Use at Lots of Traffic such as Traffic Facilities


Standard Floor Type

  • NSN316-22-Y/NSN316-290-Y

    Nonslip Type (Cheese Yellow)

  • NSN316-22-K/NSN316-290-K

    Nonslip Type (Soft Black)

  • NSH316-22-F/NSH316-290-F

    Basic Stainless Type (Flat)

  • NSH316-22-D/NSH316-290-D

    Nonslip Stainless Type (Dot)

Tile Carpet Type

  • NSN316TC-22-Y/NSN316TC-290-Y

    Nonslip Type (Cheese Yellow)

  • NSN316TC-22-K/NSN316TC-290-K

    Nonslip Type (Soft Black)

  • NSH316TC-22-F/NSH316TC-290-F

    Basic Stainless Type (Flat)

  • NSH316TC-22-D/NSH316TC-290-D

    Nonslip Stainless Type (Dot)

*Tile carpet type includes fixing base. Corresponding tile carpet thickness is 6~8mm/ 8~10mm.


Munsell Value

Cheese Yellow

Munsell Value (D65) : 9.6YR7.5/8.6

Soft Black

Munsell Value (D65) : 7.6B3.4/0.7

*The munsell value is of sample plate.



Main Body/ Stainless Steel SCS14
Tyre/ Resin

Model No.

Color Floor Material Model No.
Nonslip Type

Cheese Yellow Standard Floor Tactile Stud NSN316-22-Y
Tactile Line NSN316-290-Y
Tile Carpet Tactile Stud NSN316TC-22-Y
Tactile Line NSN316TC-290-Y
Soft Black Standard Floor Tactile Stud NSN316-22-K
Tactile Line NSN316-290-K
Tile Carpet Tactile Stud NSN316TC-22-K
Tactile Line NSN316TC-290-K
Basic Stainless Type
Standard Floor Tactile Stud NSH316-22-F
Tactile Line NSH316-290-F
Tile Carpet Tactile Stud NSH316TC-22-F
Tactile Line NSH316TC-290-F
Nonslip Stainless Type
Standard Floor Tactile Stud NSH316-22-D
Tactile Line NSH316-290-D
Tile Carpet Tactile Stud NSH316TC-22-D
Tactile Line NSH316TC-290-D

*Not corresponds to wood deck.


Opening Hole Gauge

  • For Tactile Stud Gauge

    *There are for standard floor and for tile carpet.

  • For Tactile Line Gauge