The Protection Material

The wall protection material for indoor to protect wall from damaging by the stretchers or carriages at hospital.
Can choose from the same color variation of handrail. At parking lot, please use corner guard or car stopper with high durability.

  • Safety Line

    Wall Guard

    Resin wall guard. To prevent from damaging by stretchers and carriages.

  • Safety Line NWR

    Bumper handrail

    Bumper handrail. Not only to prevent from damaging of wall, but also possess the function of railing.

  • Safety Corner

    Corner Guard

    To protect outer corner part of columns and walls from scratching and damaging by carriages.

  • Corner Guard

    The protector attached to wall and column outer corner of parking lot, factory and warehouse. At the places where vehicles come and go, protects vehicles and people from impact by collision. And also protect the corner of wall and column.

  • Car Stopper

    The car stopper using at truck terminal. Protects vehicles and buildings with thick synthetic rubber.