Propose the Raised Floor System
for office, server room, etc.

OA Floor that is essential for office to sucure the power source wiring space.
Can correspond flexibly to office layout change.
The high level aseismatic performance and load resistance are required for server room.
The planning available according to the room purpose and specification.
Also propose the Base Isolated Floor System as earthquake countermeasure.

  • IB Floor 3000N

    Raised Floor System

    3000N specification OA Floor of steel panel. Standard type for general office.

  • IB Floor 5000N

    Raised Floor System

    5000N specification OA Floor of steel panel. Adequate at offices comparatively much loads mounted on, areas have a lot of traffic or carrying heavy weight.

  • NAKA Raised Floor System

    High satisfaction can be obtained with an abundant lineup. OA series, HPL finish type, etc.