Making handrail with the kindness


The handrail made of metal gets cold in winter and hot in summer. We were the first in Japan productization the handrail metal part covered by resin. Since then, we have developed the handrail with considering children and wheelchairs, the grab bar used at bathroom, toilet or entrance. We keep developing the handrail pursuing usability.


Gain ISO9001 certification in 1998. We keep making handrail can use with safety by the through quality control and construction of a consistent production-to-distribution system.And also considering the environment, we gain ISO14001 certification.


A half century have passed since we started making handrail. We established research division and work for development and improvement of products. Contribute to handrail quality improvement by these stored know-how. By the technologies leading the industry, we keep making handrail with the kindness and safety.

  • For Indoor


    Standard resin handrail.
    Preparing plenty of brackets and balusters.
    For indoor.

  • For Outdoor


    Resin handrail for outdoor, superior to weather resistance. To suppress fading and deterioration of handrail surface of longtime using. Preparing plenty of brackets and balusters.

  • 9mm Gap


    In accordance with the installation location such as indoor or outdoor corridor / stairway / slope way and so on, continuous handrail can install. This is the type that gap insert bracket opening 9mm.

  • Cushion Type


    Soft continuous handrail with the adequate elasticity.
    With moderate elasticity, can grip in the time of need.

  • Stairs Handrail

    Flat Bar Cover

    Standard resin handrail.
    A soft, hand-friendly vinyl handrail

  • Bracketless


    Bracketless continuous handrail that does not create a gap between the wall and the handrail

  • O-57

    Multipurpose Cover

    Recommended for void in commercial facilities such as shopping malls, φ57mm resin handrails.
    Curve processing is possible.

  • Grab Bar NS

    Grab bar for Toilet

    Resin grab bar recommended to install at around toilet. For public.

  • Grab Bar Oval

    Grab bar for Toilet

    Oval shape handrail installed at around toilet. The vertical movable type won Good Design Award 2019.

  • Grab Bar SS(SC)

    Stainless Grab Bar

    All stainless steel or combination type of stainless and resin handrail for toilets. Recommend to toilets and bathrooms.

  • Rest Hand

    Toilet Assisst Railing

    The burden on users including cares can be reduced by handrail and backrest to support forward bending and sitting postures.

  • Soft Hand

    Handrail for Housing

    Resin handrail recommended to install at toilet and corridor of housing. Not slippery dimple processing.

  • Soft Hand VU

    Grab Bar For Housing

    Resin handrail recommended to toilets and bathrooms of housing.

  • LED Handrail


    Make easily to walk at night time, also effective in lighting up as illumination.