Wall Hatch WHA

Standard type corresponds to left and right double-compatible doors. Key type and no key type.
300×300, 450×450, 600×600 (only key type).

Installation Location

  • Inner Wall

Main Features

  • Standard Model of Wall Hatch
  • Custom-Made Size within Standard Size Available (Deformed Size Available)



  • 300×300(mm)
  • 450×450(mm)
  • 600×600(mm)

Opening and Closing Part

  • Standard (Key: only N301)

    The key is standard equipment. The door can open by right and left.

  • Slide Lock(No Key)

Color Variation

  • Silver Color

  • White Color(Electrodeposition Coating)



Outer Frame, Inner Frame / Extruded Aluminum A6063S-T5 Anodized (Custom-Made Color Available)

Model No. / Dimensions

□300 □450 □600
Model No. Key Type Silver WHA300 WHA450 WHA600
White WHA300W★ WHA450W★ WHA600W★
No Key Type Silver WHA300-KN WHA450-KN
White WHA300-KNW★ WHA450-KNW★
Dimensions Standard Dimensions 300×300 450×450 600×600
Wall Opening Dimensions 305×305 456×456 608×608
Inner Finishing Board Dimensions
(Slide Lock)

* ★ is made-to-order. Please contact sales department about delivery date.
*Key type white’s decorative plate and cylinder part could not to be white color.


Custom-Made Size within Standard Size Available (Deformed Size Available)

Custom-Made Color Available