Hi-Hatch GSCeiling Access Hatch

The simple design.
300×300, 450×450, 300×600, 600×600

Installation Location

  • Ceiling

Main Features

  • Outer Frame: Wide Frame, Inner Frame: Having Workability and Designability by Semi-Wide Frame
  • Can after Construction
  • Can Install into Wooden Frame
  • Custom-Made Size within Standard Size Available (Deformed Size Available)
  • (Corp.) Public Buildings Association Evaluating Product



  • 300×300(mm)
  • 300×600(mm)
  • 450×450(mm)
  • 600×600(mm)

Opening and Closing Part

  • Standard (Slide Lock) Type

  • Key Type (Key N201)

    Can Key Sharing with MMⅡf, MMHⅡ, GMⅡ, SEⅡ, AS, NT

Color Variation

  • Silver Color

  • White Color(Electrodeposition Coating)



Outer Frame, Inner Frame / Extruded Aluminum A6063S-T5 Anodized (Custom-Made Color Available)

Model No. / Dimensions

□300 300×600 □450 □600
Model No. Standard Type Silver HHGS-303 HHGS-3060★ HHGS-454 HHGS-606
White HHGS-303W HHGS-3060W★ HHGS-454W HHGS-606W
Key Type Silver HHGS-K303 HHGS-K3060★ HHGS-K454 HHGS-K606
White HHGS-K303W★ HHGS-K3060W★ HHGS-K454W★ HHGS-K606W★
Dimensions Standard Dimensions 303×303 303×606 454×454 606×606
Ceiling Opening Dimensions 304×304 304×607 455×455 607×607
Inner Finishing Board Dimensions 280×280 280×583 431×431 583×583
Inner Backing Board Dimensions 280×280 280×583 431×431 583×583

* ★ is made-to-order. Please contact sales department about delivery date.
*Key type white’s decorative plate and cylinder part could not to be white color.


Extension Attachment of Hanger Hook

To recommend it when the ceiling material is thicker than ceiling thickness of general conventional construction method.

  • Corresponding Dimensions : Max 95.2mm
  • Ceiling Material Thickness : Max 75mm

    (Case) Channel 1.2mm, M Bar 19mm

Channel Catch

Hanging Wire

To prevent falling inner frame by hanging the wire to inner frame and channel. Use it with spring hook attaches to (rotating axis side) the hole of inner frame.

For Square Stud Method “Z Screw”

Square stud method is construction technique using square stud differ from general construction steel-made ceiling base.

“Z screw” is NAKA Corporation’s original screw to fasten ceiling access hatch and square stud. There are some cases cannot available according to the combination of square stud method.

Custom-Made Size within Standard Size Available (Deformed Size Available)

Custom-Made Color Available



Hanger hook

Use hanger hook.

  • Corresponding Dimensions : Max 74.6mm
  • Ceiling Material Thickness : Max 54.4mm

    (Case) Channel 1.2mm, M Bar 19mm

If exceed above dimensions, please use extension attachment (option).