New-Hatch NHBBS

Stainless Steel waterproof・deodorant type. 450×450, 600×600.

Installation Location

  • Floor

Main Features

  • Waterproof・Deodorant Type
  • All Stainless Steel, Can Use at Outdoor
  • PVC Tile, Porcelain Tile



  • 450×450(mm)
  • 600×600(mm)


Waterproof performance

Maximum water depth: NHBBS450 about 250mm
NHBBS600 about 235mm

*Data are our test values and not guaranteed values.



Outer Frame, Inner Frame/ Stainless Steel SUS304
Handle, Frame/ Stainless Steel

Model No. / Dimensions

Model No. Type Dimensions Handle Type Finishing Pull up Type Waterproof Performance
NHBBS450 Standard 450×450 Pull up Type PVC Tile・Porcelain Tile
Safety Load
5,000N(510kgf) Water Depth about 250mm Clear
NHBBS600 600×600 4,300N(440kgf) Water Depth about 235mm Clear

*Data are our test values and not guaranteed values.


How to Open

  1. Turn fixed bolt with attached hexagon socket screw keys.
  2. To set attached handle to 2 points fixed bolt.
  3. Pull up the lid with attached handle.