Stair Nosing “Hi-Step”

The first industrial product of NAKA Corporation develop. When the time there are only metallic stair nosing, people slipped or caught shoe sole on fastening screw. Founder Hiromitsu Naka saw it and developed metal base installed resin nosing (tyre) product. Furthermore, be worn away part of tyre could easy to change. We start to produce the de fact standard of safe and secure since the “Hi-Step” development.



Floor Access Hatch “New-Hatch”

Development of the second industrial product, floor access hatch “New-Hatch NH”. It is the original form of New-Hatch lots of types developed after that.


Ceiling Access Hatch “Hi-Hatch”

Develop ceiling access hatch “Hi-Hatch”, which is the construction industry’s first standard product. Ceiling access hatch was not only dirt stood out on finishing surface by fingermarks because of the lift up type was basic, but also installation method was imperfect until then. “Opal-Hatch”, developed this year, was the original form of High-Hatch.


Resin Covered Handrail “Vini-Pearl O-40”

The lead product of continuous resin covered handrail. By standardize handrail, we put construction into practice on the site. Product development pursuing safe and secure, more useful and functionality.


Bumper Handrail System “Safety-Line”

For stretcher wall guard-cum-continuous handrail installed at hospital corridor.



Stair Nosing for Housing “Use”

It is developed for housing stair nosing. Not only function for slip resistance, but also thinking about the safety when fall down by installing air hole into the edge (corner).

Balcony Handrail “Beauty”

Balcony handrail, developed as standard part for public housing. Top rail (coping) is made from steel pipe and resin’s integral mold part, this was the world’s first. This is used at Narita Airport.

Evacuation Ladder “TASCARL”

The time when rope ladder was the mainstream to evacuation from veranda, we developed escape ladder “TASCARL”, install on veranda’s floor. Embedded case stores extendable ladder and as effect of slowly descending machine it extends for safe speed. Compared to the rope ladder, “TASCARL” is less shaking, could relieve fear of user when evacuation, and also enable to safety evacuate.


Aluminum Clotheshorse “Hokka Hoka”

We developed storage type of aluminum die casting clotheshorse

Floor Access Hatch for Housing “Home-Hatch”

Develop floor access hatch for housing


Toilet Booth “Queen Booth”

Develop standard product of toilet boos. We adopt particle board for panel to make solid boos. This product is used for schools, stadiums, etc.

Turning Underfloor Storage “Dai-Chan”

Develop turning underfloor storage. Can use underfloor space effectively than box-type which was the mainstream of that time.



Stairway Handrail for Housing “Mom’s Hand”

Handrail covered by resin, developed as stairway handrail for housing. Angle adjusting is freely changeable, can easily attach without professional skill.


Aluminum Parapet Coping “Cap-Line”

Develop parapet coping of aluminum extruded shape material

Outer Corner Guard “Corner-Guard”

Protect the outer corner of columns. By hollow forming, it is shock absorption structure.

Shock Absorbing Material “Car-Stopper”

Protect structures and vehicles damaged by contact accident. Because of synthetic rubber and hollow shape, providing outstanding cushion effect. We devise it to attach easily, this construction method got patent.

Movable Car Stopper “Stop & Go”

Arch type and truss type of movable car stopper. Prevent the intrusion of vehicle during normal times, also can easy operation to drive through when using.

Aluminum Cover Panel / Frame “New Pit”

The time that underfloor wiring increase as rapidly proceeding of office building’s OA. We develop it with concept that everyone can easily deal with frequent maintenance of cover panel’s opening and shutting, and floor lifting parts could match to.


Grab Bar “Ai-No-Te NA”

Original product of series of “Ai-No-Te”. Researched and developed from the desire thinking about disabled or elderly people could easily use with safety. Stainless steel handrail, had been used till then, was get too cold to grip in winter. “Ai-No-Te” is made from steel pipe and resin’s integral mold part, could grip even in cold season. Later, as functional, this product continues evolving to compounding anti-bacterial agent・anti-fungal agent・anti-viral agent, etc.


Grab Bar “Ai-No-Te P-34VU” (Soft-Hand)

Inherited development concept of “Ai-No-Te NA”, develop for personal use.


Wall Protector “Safety-Corner”

Develop outer corner protection for indoor. Even though using hard resin, provides cushion effect by hollow shape.

Free Access Floor “IB Floor”

Develop free access floor as intelligent office building. We put the product’s, made of steel, walk feeling and light-weighting (eq. ceramic panel products) into practice by filling inorganic material.


Mailbox “Posmate”

To adopt cardkey for rock, we make the multiple mailbox, the surface has no protrusion and smart design.



Metal Ceiling System “NCS”

Develop Ceiling System made of metal. Superior to maintenance.


Metal Wall System “IB Wall”

Develop as core panel made of metal. High-quality steel plate panel of flat and slim gap joint.

Handrail Covered by Resin (Wooden) “NEO WOOD”

It is the best hit product of NAKA Corporation’s continuous resin covered handrail. We succeed productization of feel of wood and beautiful straight grains by mixing wood powder into resin pellet. We solved problems that the insufficient strength, the weak point of wooden handrail, and hangnail of surface. It is used various scenes.



Evacuation Tool “Rescue Line”

Due to the building fire at Kabuki-cho in 2001, caused lots of people died, revision of Fire Service Act in 2003 and we develop single motion type evacuation tool. By series descending method, enable to evacuate multiple people continuously and adopt front-directed transference method which is less dangerous.

Cornice Prevention Device “Safety Wing”

Develop product with NAKA's original idea and gets patent. It has the feature that machine’s height could be designed flexibility as weather condition of installation location.


Resin Covered Handrail “Slim Gap”

As the concept, “more safety handrail for architectural space”, we improve the handrail. We started to make the joint width of lower handrail slimer. The gap width changed 9mm, former, to 5mm to prevent fingers get into gap.


Stair Nosing with Step Light “Histep Luna”

We develop step LED light which install in the part of stair nosing at cinema, planetarium, etc. Be the nosing function of High-Step as it was, we adopt light guide system using LED illumination and acrylic bar for leading light.



Handrail with LED Illumination “VINI LANE Stela”

Developed by considering about adding further function to resin covered handrail. LED part be installed in the gap of handrail. Can produce beautiful line illumination, gains a good reputation from lighting designers. Regardless of indoor and outdoor, the handrail suites various scene’s.

Rooftop Greening System “Vegi-Garden”

Developed from the concept of environmental product. We develop original tray having lightweight and strength made of form polypropylene. Therefore, it has not only the feature that could plant, but also grow vegetables.

Opening and Closing Balcony Partition Board “LN Partition”

It is the first product that developed from concept to evacuate weak people such as elderly and small children. The former balcony partition was the way to break plate installed in partition. It was difficult to evacuate for people have little power. “LN Partition” is the product that not to break plate, but the way to open and close door, considered about security too.


Expansion Joint Cover for Isolation System Building “NSF Floor Joint”

Movable panel and structure fixed with patented original method. This product enables permanent deflection to return substantially zero after moving.


Embedded-Fall-Type Emergency Evacuation Apparatus “UD Escape”

It is the second product that developed from concept to evacuate weak people such as elderly and small children. It was difficult to evacuate for people have difficulty in evacuation by using ladder type emergency escape apparatus such as “TASCARL” and “Rescue Line”. “UD Escape” is the type of vertical descent as riding on base. People who can stand up on base can evacuate safely. This product is given a number of prizes.


“Smart Guide”

This is further improved product of handrail with LED illumination. We add function of guiding people by light flashing. The flashing control system is not the way of relay, but using PLC (Electric Wire Communication) control.

Resin Handrail for Indoor “Anti-Viral”

Add anti-viral function into resin covered handrail for indoor. It effects to both types of enveloped and non-envelope virus. Anti-viral agent is the product using proprietary technology of The University of Tokyo, a national university corporation.


High Bright Luminous Evacuation Guideline “Lumi-Support”

This product is installed the high bright luminous guide line to continuous resin covered handrail and stair nosing “Hi-Step. It has functions correspond to JIS Z 9095 (Safety Sign・Evacuation Guide System) and JIS Z 9097 type I (Tsunami Evacuation Indicator System).