Handrail Has 2 Types

Handrail has roles to prevent falling, to make walking or moving smooth. It can be divided in 2 types of “handrail” and “grab bar”.


“Handrail” is continuous long handrail installed at stairway, corridors or slopeway and use to grip firmly when it necessary. It is often called corridor stairway handrail or continuous handrail.

Grab Bar

“Grab Bar” is installed many places such as toilet, bathroom or entrance, and most of it shapes in the form of the letter I or L (called I-type / L-type). It usually used to hold posture or support moving such as stand up / sit down.

Height of Handrail

In general, 75-85cm (from floor to top of handrail) is standard installation height at building. There are cases that people feel slightly lower, so about 80cm is better. Two-stage handrail lower part should be 60~65cm.

It is also said that it is recommended to install the point of user’s greater trochanter of femur or the height of floor to wrist when puts arms down straight. It is hard to measure the point of greater trochanter, but the wrist height can easily measure. For reference, measured our employee’s wrist height.

Body Height (cm) Height from Floor to Wrist (cm)
155 74.5
158 78.0
165 83.0
178.5 83.5

There is an individual difference, however, about 80cm is the best when the many and unspecified persons use it.
From stairway nosing to the top of handrail be the standard of stairway handrail height. The height is as same as the standard installation height of handrail.

In case of housing, basically install each user. 75~80cm is general for newly-built house, but when need handrail to reform, we recommend to install it with confirming the position or length suite as user physical characteristics.

Toilet Grab Bar

L-type grab bar is general for narrow space of toilet. To support action of sitting down or standing up. Installation height decided of, horizontal part is about 80cm from floor, vertical part based on the edge of toilet seat.

L-type and movable grab bar are installed at multipurpose toilet. And also, front handrail and backrest are installed at facility for the elderly.

Furthermore, there are supporting items to stand-up・sitting support for people who needs assistance.

Bathroom Grab Bar

It is slippy at bathroom, so that washing place needs I-type grab bar for standing and sitting action to prevent falling accident. Vertical grab bar is of great use for going in and out at bathroom.
And also, L-type grab bar is convenient for standing, sitting and posture keeping in bathtub.
(Please use No.00-White of Ai-No-Te in bathroom.)

Entrance Approach Handrail

Approach leading to outdoor are subject to sunlight and temperature, and also tends to get hot/cold in summer/winter. It is good to select resin covered handrail.
In case which handrail already installed is hot, there is a way to cover by resin. Standard height is 75~80cm.

Entrance Grab Bar

Various motions such as to bow, to stand-up and to keep the balance of body are required at entrance. It is convenient to install with I-type and L-type grab bar.

Corridor, Stairway Handrail

Handrail at corridor and stairway are important to be continuously. When people walking, to be able to grip hard when needed.
Install at one side if width is not enough. It will be convenient not only at step part of stairway, but also to construct horizontal part at back and forth, not only at step part of stairway.

Door Grab Bar

Vertical grab bar is convenient to support body when opening and closing door at entrance, living room, etc.
Length is good to have over 60cm. Installation height is about 75cm from floor to lower end.