The Reasons to Make

NAKA’s products includes plenty of our hidden thoughts and histories.
From get idea to complete product development, various thing that we noticed, troubled and faced.
It is the “NAKA’s EYE”.

Prevention of Viral Infection from Handrail

Anti-bacterial handrail has no effect on norovirus or influenza virus!? Handrail has to be virus countermeasure, because of the handrail is touched by many people.

Reduce the Toilet Assistance Burden

NAKA Corporation started joint research team and pondered what the “assisting tool” at toilet should be.

Want to Know Now About Handrail

Handrail types have “handrail” and “grab bar”. We introduce the handrail shape and installation height which matches to installation place such as corridor, stairway, toilet and the like.

Product History

The history of NAKA Corporation since foundation in 1932, we introduce successive products full of our thoughts.