We Support the Kindness and the Safety with Reliable Technologies.

This message contains the strong faith and confidence like the ‘developer-soul’, answering the needs of society utilizing the technologies we cultivate and keep going the unflagging creation.

Our company founded in 1932 in Sapporo city, Hokkaido, as “Nakahiromitsu-store”.
Besides Ironmonger, we worked on developing and improving of own-brand products by having own-factory and building the research division since foundation.

A half century have passed since NAKA Corporation starts to make the handrail, it was difficult that the handrail made of iron or brass gets cold and hot in the winter or summer. Thus, we developed the handrail covered by resin. The resin-handrail transfers to anti-bacterial and anti-viral, nowadays we are challenging the newly field utilizing the anti-viral technology. Also, LED handrail emits for a long time in outdoor and has made it possible to produce illumination at foot level as landscape lightning in many town.

Emergency escape ladder “Tascarl” patent disclosed because of the founder’s desire, then becomes the standard of safety in Japan.
Furthermore, in order to decrease the number of disadvantaged evacuees, we developed “UD-Escape”, emergency escape apparatus, and “UD-Escape With”, for wheelchair. We are proposing the new evacuation.
Any time, with conscious of NAKA’s viewpoint, keep developing new products and improving to everyone can use safely is the NAKA’s duty.

President & CEO
Katsuyuki Sakuma