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About Product Information

The display price of products on this website is a fixed price. Except as otherwise provided, the display price does not include expense for construction, consumption tax, etc.
The prices and specifications on this website may be revised or changed without notice.
Please be understanding of that the product colors or textures seen on this website may differ from the actual products.

Prohibited Matters

The following matters are prohibited as using this website.

  1. The acts of infringing another’s or Our Company’s property, privacy, etc. or having risk of it.
  2. The acts of giving disadvantages, damages, etc. to another or Our Company, or having risk of it.
  3. The acts of being against public order, or having risk of it.
  4. The acts of criminal, leading to criminal, or having risk of it.
  5. The acts of making false declaration or notification such as registering another’s e-mail address.
  6. The acts of aiming for business activity, making profit, or preparing of it.
  7. The acts of injuring another’s or Our Company’s reputation or credit.
  8. The acts of using or providing harmful program such as computer virus, or having risk of it.
  9. In addition, the acts of violating law, statute, regulation, or having risk of it.
  10. In addition, the acts that Our Company judge inappropriate.

About Link

The link of this website is generally allowed irrespective of business activity or nonprofit activity. However, please do not set link if fall under any of the following or having risk of it.

  • The link from the homepage which may slander another or Our Company, or infringe on those rights.
  • The link that published information of this website seen as being integrated with a link source page by using inline frame, etc.
  • In addition to above items, the acts of being against statute include law, regulation, rule or public order, the link from homepage which may interfere the operation of this website.

The contents or URL of this website may be changed or deleted without notice. Please be understanding of this beforehand.

And also, this website is linked to the other website which Our Company or its associated companies operating. If use those websites, please accept the use conditions published on them too.

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9. Inquiry

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