Hi-Step SLIM CKStair Nosing

Stair Nosing with luminous band. To evacuate safely and smoothly in darkness when a disaster.

Installation Location

  • Stairway

Main Features

  • Stair Nosing with Luminous Band (for Indoor)
  • With Expansion Preventing Material
  • Made-to-Order


For PVC Tile


For Carpet Tile


Flat End

Use flat end at the both ends, can improve design performance and get easily to clean.

Color Variation

  • No.02 Gray

  • No.03 Dark Gray

  • No.04 Soft Black

  • No.12 Light Beige

  • No.13 Beige

  • No.14 Dark Beige

  • No.22 Light Brown

  • No.23 Chocolate

  • No.34 Cheese Yellow

  • No.45 Wine Red

  • No.51 Olive Green

  • No.62 Dark Blue

*Luminous band color is only one color (light green) regardless of the vinyl tyre color.


Luminous Performance

Hi-Step SLIM CK emits by storing light in luminous band installed at flute of tyre. As indoor light, can gain required energy by irradiating fluorescent light (200lx) for 20 minutes. In a dim light place about 30lx, such as stairway room, can pass the JIS standard by irradiation time for more than 20 minutes.


Visible Performance

  Afterglow Luminance *1 Afterglow Luminance *2
Elapsed Time 60 Minutes later 5 Hours or more
Luminance 17~21mcd/m² 3mcd/m²

*Luminance of luminous band with interrupting light for 24 hours and after irritate 200lx light for 20 minutes, then passes 60 minutes.
*Required time to luminance be 3mcd/m² by irritating light as above condition.

About JIS Standard of Luminous Safety Sign

The JIS standard (JIS9107 Afterglow Luminance on Luminous Safety Signboards), stipulates that afterglow luminance should be 7mcd/m² after 60 minutes. With Hi-Step SLIM CK the performance level is reported to be more than double that of the above standard.

Degree of Luminance and Brightness

In our company, the minimum luminance required for conducting a sage emergency escape is 3mcd/m².

Luminance mcd/m² The Luminance-Sensing in State of Dark Adaptation to Some Extent
5 or more Extremely Bright, Clearly Observed
3 Observe Things Outline
2 Blurring, Somehow Observed
1 or less Hardly Observed

Repetitive Fatigue Performance

2 Million Times without Exceptional Change

Method/ Internal Fatigue Test
Device/ Fatigue Testing Machine
Content/ 2 Million Times (Weight: 980N/ Time: 40 Times/ Minute)
Result/ Normal

Dimensional Stability

Cancellation Elongation and Contraction

Method/ Dimensional Stability Test
Device/ Heating Experiment Machine
Content/ Determination of Heating 6 Hours [80℃±1℃] after Shrinkage [0.5mm] Result/ 0~0.6%

Weathering Performance

Exposed Outdoor for 300 Hours without Exceptional Change

Method/ JIS-A-1415 “Exposed Testing Method of Plastic Building Material”
Device/ Sunshine Weather Meter
Content/ 300 Hours of Sunlight
Result/ Normal



Metal Base/ Stainless Steel: SUS304 Hairline finish
Aluminum: Extruded aluminum A-6063S-T5 Anodized
Brass: Extruded brass C3604BE Buff finish

Vinyl Tyre/ Extruded ABS plastic contain elastic prevention material
Luminous Band: Soft resin with luminous pigment

Model No.

Tyre Pattern For PVC Tile For Carpet Tile
Metal Base Material Metal Base Material
Stainless Steel Aluminum Brass Stainless Steel Aluminum Brass
Luminous Band NSP-35CK

*35 means 35mm, 40 means 40mm in width.
*Only stainless steel base for PVC tile (tyre: stripe, dot, flat) has 2 types of 35mm and 40mm in width.


Fixing Parts

Floor Backing Board Material Screw Construction Place Adhesive Agent
Concrete/ Mortar Finishing P Anchor (Steel) Indoor Modified Silicon Resin Composition
P Anchor (SUS) Outdoor Modified Silicon Resin Composition
(or Urethane Silicon Resin Composition)
Steel (Steel Stairway) Tapping Screw (SUS) Indoor, Outdoor Modified Silicon Resin Composition

*Use screw and adhesive agent together. If only screw, may come off during use.
*At weathered places, as outdoor treatment even if there are roof.
*Floor backing board material is a typical example. For others, please contact with in charge of sales.