IB Floor 5000N SpecificationRaised Floor System

5000N specification OA Floor of steel panel. Adequate at offices comparatively much loads mounted on, areas have a lot of traffic or carrying heavy weight.

Installation Location

  • Floor

Main Features

5000N Specification OA Floor of Steel Panel Supporting Leg Type

It adopted to floor finishing height H60~300mm. The system is compounded with a steel composite panel filled with lightweight inorganic material, and aseismic supporting leg (DP leg) which is available to adjust height and has panel lock function.

  • Can Correspond Flexible to Layout Change

    Lock ring to connect floor panel and supporting leg can easily detach with specialized jig. The steel panel is good accuracy, so that there is no problem if it does not go back to previous location after changing layout. And also, can fix the partition directly to the panel.

  • Pulling out Cable the Way You Want

    2 sides of all steel floor panel have cable outlet ports are equivalent to φ12mm (semicircle), so that can pull out cable the way you want. And also, can install facility equipment as facing opening parts of opening panel (options) each other or changing to inner plug socket panel (option).

  • Make Office Space more Comfortable

    There are some items to comfort office space such as the floor air conditioning panel, panel with heater, etc.

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Whisker Free

The whisker is a conductive crystal generated by electro galvanizing, it is said to have a negative influence on computers. IB Floor 5000N Specification is not used electro galvanizing generates whisker.



AZ5000 Panel

Steel Composite Panel Filling with Lightweight Inorganic Material (Standard Panel)

*Opening panel and IB opening cover are options.

  • Panel Size


  • Corresponding Floor Height


  • Panel Weight

    About 9.2kg/ each

Supporting Leg

Supporting leg is aseismic type that height adjustment available and having panel lock function.

  • DP Leg

  • DP Leg


Construction Method

Panel Construction Method

Column Separation Type

Panel・Column Connection Type (Aseismic Type)

System Performance

System Weight(kg/m²) About 37.7~40.2
Weakest Part Concentration Load(Pressurized plateφ50) 5000N (About 500kgf) Deflection within 5.0mm
Residual Deformation within 3.0mm
Aseismatic Performance JIS A 1450 Vibration Testing, Mounted Load 350kg/m², Pass 1.0G



AF Panel/ Hot dip galvanized steel sheet (filled lightweight inorganic material)

AZ5000 Panel/ Hot dip galvanized steel sheet (filled lightweight inorganic material)

AN3000 Panel/ Hot dip galvanized steel sheet (hollow specification)

Corresponding Floor Height, Wiring Space


Corresponding Floor Height 60 70 80 100 120 150 200 250 300
Adjustable Range +16
±8 +20
Wiring Space 25 35 45 64 85 115 165 215 265

*Corresponding floor height H dimensions includes carpet tile thickness 7mm.
*Please contact our sales department about more than H=310.


Opening Panel, IB Opening Cover

Opening panel of AZ5000-DP and IB opening cover are options. Please choose as required.

Floor Air Conditioning Panel

This dedicated panel sends conditioning air to the underfloor of OA floor and blows into the indoor from panel opening for the air conditioning residence area efficiently. (made-to-order)

Schematic Drawing

Conditioning air sent from the air conditioner to the underfloor chamber blows into the residence area through the air conditioning panel and air conditions efficiently. After that, it goes back to the air conditioner through the ceiling chamber from the suction port installed on the ceiling.

PF Panel

Pressure type panel blows conditioning air by air conditioner pressure from hollow perforated floor panel. The feature is less draft feeling. And also, can use for the ventilator of underfloor tends to stay moisture in.

*Please ask carpet tile with permeability separately for finishing material.
*The standard cover is steel closing plate.

Panel Size 500×500×23.0 (only Panel)
Material and Surface Processing Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet
Panel Weight About 5.5kg
Opening Rate (/ each) 6%
Corresponding Floor Height H70~300mm
Finishing Material Permeable Carpet Tile (by Others)
Corresponding OA Floor AF・AN・AZ Series
Load Resistance Performance 5000N Specification