Soft HandHandrail for Housing

Resin handrail recommended to install at toilet and corridor of housing. Not slippery dimple processing.

Installation Location

  • Corridor
  • Toilet

Main Features

  • Uneven (Dimple) Processing, Not Slippery even with Wet Hands
  • Anti-Bacterial Effect
  • Better Living Certified Excellent Housing Parts "BL Certified Products"












Color Variation

Plane Color

  • No.10 Plane White

    Only P-34V

  • No.00 White

  • No.09 Grayish White

  • No.11 Ivory White

  • No.22 Light Brown*

* is made-to-order color.

Wooden color

  • No.74 Teak

  • No.73 Birch

  • No.71 Natural

  • No.90 Oak

    Only P-34M


Maximum Load

Vertical,Horizontal: 590N (60kgf)

*It means the ranges not get coming off or cracking less than this load, may cause a little deformation or rattling.



Cover/ Semihard resin dual-layer forming (with anti-bacterial agent). Wooden color mixed wood powder.
Core/ Stainless steel pipe
Bracket/ ABS Plasti

Model No.・Size

  Model No. Diameter of Handrail Size
I-Type P-34V(M) I-40 φ34mm L=400mm
I-50 L=500mm
I-60 L=600mm
I-80 L=800mm
P-30V(M) I-40 φ30mm L=400mm
I-50 L=500mm
I-60 L=600mm
I-80 L=800mm
L-Type P-34V(M) L-6060 φ34mm L=600×600mm
L-7060 L=700×600mm
P-30V(M) L-6060 φ30mm L=600×600mm
L-7060 L=700×600mm

*V means plane color, M means wooden color


Crescent Anchor

The after fitting anchor to fix handrail on gypsum board wall without reinforcing backing. Open 25mm hole on wall, then put anchor into back side of wall and fix it with opening crescent fitting.

Crescent Fitting/ Steel t=4.5 (Electro Galvanizing Finishing)
Rotating Spacer/ ABS Plastic
Spacer/ ABS Plastic (9.5mm: 1, 3mm: 2)

*Please construct with referring the construction manual. May not be able to secure the right strength if do not follow the construction method.

*The after fitting anchor is excellent at durability, though it is not secure the strength of wall. May the wall be cracked, so that please be careful not to add excessive impact or force.

[Strength Test]
Specimen/ Soft Hand P-34VU

Wall Material Horizontal Test Vertical Test
Gypsum Board 9.5mm 696N(71kgf) 900N(92kgf)
Gypsum Board 12.5mm 980N(100kgf) 980N(100kgf)

Slide Shower Hanger SSH-1W

Installation is only to insert into the handrail. In case of after installation, disassemble the handrail and insert this product into, then reassemble it. Cannot install it to the indisassemble handrail.

  • Corresponding to φ30・34mm Handrail
  • Height adjustment available
  • Can install to the dimple processing handrail
  • For φ30mm

    Only Right-Hand

  • For φ34mm

    Both-Hand Available

*The picture is right-hand.
*The shower head is not attached.
*Cannot after install to the indisassemble bar・handrail.

Color Variation

  • No.09 Grayish White