O-57Multipurpose Cover

Recommended at open ceiling part in commercial facilities such as shopping malls, φ57mm resin handrail.
Curve processing is available.

Installation Location

  • Corridor

Main Features

Ideal Resin Cover for Open Ceiling Part

It can be used for multiple purposes. Beautiful lines can be drawn by continuous construction without interruption. Long span up to 1,650 mm and bending and curve processing are available.

*Minimum curve dimensions is 150R

  • Anti-Bacterial Effect
  • Made-to-Order


Color Variation

Plane Color

  • No.02 Gray

  • No.11 Ivory White

  • No.12 Light Beige

  • No.13 Beige

  • No.22 Light Brown

  • No.23 Chocolate

Wooden Color

  • No.74 Teak

  • No.73 Birch

  • No.71 Natural



  • AG-65

    Material/ Extruded Aluminum

  • JRN-70/JRN-90

    Material/ Die-Casted Aluminum

  • End Cap




Cover/ Semihard resin dual-layer forming (with anti-bacterial agent), Wooden color mixed wood powder

Retainer/ Extruded Aluminum

Model No.・Size

Model No. Diameter of Handrail
O-57 φ57mm