5mm Gap For OutdoorHandrail

Resin handrail for outdoor, superior to weather resistance. To suppress fading and deterioration of handrail surface by long term using. Preparing plenty of brackets and balusters.

Installation Location

  • Entrance
  • Stairway
  • Exterior

Main Features

Resin Handrail for Outdoor

Handrails get influenced of sunlight or outside air if install it at outdoor, so that the resin covered handrail, does not get hot in summer or cold in winter easily, is recommended. How about installing the weather resistance handrail can resist wind and rain, the temperature difference or ultraviolet for outdoor.

“GRAHAN” has high weather resistance and prevent color fading and degradation of handrail surface as long-term using. It passed super UV tester 1,000hr (equivalent to sunshine weather meter 10,000hr*) by its high weather resistance.

*Existing GRAHAN passed 5,000hr, so that high weather resistance GRAHAN (July,2019~) has twice weather resistance efficiency as our company’s existing product.

  • Anti-Bacterial Effect

Comparison of newly and existing one after super UV tester for 1,000hr.

Shape of Handrail


High Weather Resistance GRAHAN

The plane color corridor・stairway handrail for outdoor. By high weather resistance, to suppress fading and deterioration of handrail surface of longtime using.

Color Variation

  • No.02 Gray

  • No.03 Dark Gray

  • No.04 Soft Black

  • No.12 Light Beige*

  • No.13 Beige

  • No.22 Light Brown

  • No.23 Chocolate

* is made-to-order color.


The resin handrail mixed wood powder and adds woody feeling. Smooth touch feeling, not likely resin.

Color Variation

  • No.91 Sepia Brown

  • No.90 Oak

* is made-to-order color.



  • AFN-55/AFN-65/AFN-75

    Color/ Gray, Wooden Color
    Material/ Extruded Aluminum, ABS Plastic

  • AGS-55/AGS-65

    Material/ Extruded Aluminum

  • AES-55/AES-75

    Material/ Extruded Aluminum

  • AES-5560

    Material/ Extruded Aluminum

  • AFS-5577

    Color/ Gray, Wooden Color
    Material/ Extruded Aluminum, ABS Plastic

  • UN-55/UN-75

    Material/ Die-Casted Zinc, ABS Plastic

  • US-55/US-75

    Material/ Die-Casted Zinc, ABS Plastic

  • JS-55

    Material/ Die-Casted Zinc, ABS Plastic

  • FB Bracket

    Material/ Steel FB-9×25

  • Vertical Bracket SS-55

    Color/ Gray
    Material/ Die-Casted Zinc, ABS Plastic
    Only O-34, D-40

  • For Lattice KK Fixing Seat

    Material/ Die-Casted Aluminum

  • Movable KDS-55

    Material/ Die-Casted Zinc, Stainless Steel
    Only O-34

  • Removable TH Fixing Seat

    Material/ Stainless Steel


  • φ42.7

    Within @1,000

  • φ22

    Balusterφ22 for Stairway

  • φ27

    Balusterφ27 for Stairway

  • □19

    Balusterφ19 for Stairway

  • □24

    Balusterφ24 for Stairway

Color Variation

Outdoor has risks of rust stains by salt damage, so that recommend stainless steel #400 finish.

  • Stainless Steel

    #400 (Mirror Polishing)

  • Stainless Steel


End Cap

  • VA-End

  • FA-End

    Only O-34, O-40

  • SA-End

    Only D-432


  • Joiner

    Only O-34, O-40, D-432

  • LA Corner Joint

    Only O-34, O-40



It satisfies the standard for certifying fine housing parts of Better Living Association.
Bracket span according to diameter of handrail, it has strength enough to endure 1150N horizontal, vertical load for each 1 span.
*O-34,D-432: Bracket span 910mm, O-40: Bracket span 1,200mm

Vertical Load

Horizontal Load



Cover/ Semihard resin dual-layer forming (with anti-bacterial agent), GRAWOOD mixed wood powder
Retainer/ Extruded Aluminum

Model No.・Size

Model No. Diameter of Handrail
For Outdoor High Weather Resistance GRAHAN φ34 O-34Gsl φ34mm
φ40 O-40Gsl φ40mm
Elliptic Shape D-432Gsl 40×32mm
GRAWOOD φ34 O-34Gsl φ34mm
φ40 O-40GMsl φ40mm
Elliptic Shape D-432GMsl 40×32mm